All together! All together!

by Ariane MNOUCHKINE and Hélène CIXOUS français / english

July 16th, 1998

How beautiful they were this team of 'Bleus' who were not blue but black, blond, beur and yellow. No it wasn't a dream but a revelation. That night we saw ourselves affirmed as better, because we saw ourselves more as friends, than usual.
And afterwards?

We are not going to quickly let go of this France so mixed up with tenderness, generosity and hence victory, which that night uncovered. But night is short lets follow it up.

Nothing was missed from that festival of a whole people ... except the contents of a single Stade de France. The 75,000 Sans-papiers were missing. 'All together' without them: what a pity. Impossible.

So, you who govern, take a chance. It is your chance to play. Convert the try. Pass from the symbolic to reality: because that is the mission of the political worker. Regularise. Achieve the supreme goal!
Give us the gift of a full stadium of the forgotten. Allow the rejected into this beautiful story. And above all, dont hesitate. Thousands of faces, lit up with colour throughout the country are the best political indications. Go on! This is the moment! The exploit of the 22-23 is exemplary: courage pays at the end of the day.

And you, 'real' French of all human colours, join us, call for the liberation of a stadium of Sans-papiers.

Quickly, quickly, sign. This is the moment. If not forgetfulness will take over and efface everything into greyness and danger.

P.S. Sign this letter and send it to the Prime Minister,
Hotel Matignon 57 rue de Varenne 75007 Paris,
FAX: ++331 45 44 15 72
and/ or to the Association, Collectivity,
coordination, network, union of your choice which will send it on to Matignon.

Do it quickly, and let the Theatre du Soileil know about your action:
Fax: ++331 43 28 33 61/ Tel: ++331 43 74 87 63

English translation: thanks to Cathy and Janos...

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