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contribution to flight and migration
beyond the state's controll

june 28th - july 7th

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Hybrid WorkSpace / documenta X

telephones are cellular, computers are portable and the quickly moving bytes are invisible. the easier money and goods flow across the territories of nations, the more western europe and north america close their doors to migration. "we don't want you, we only want to take everything you've got!". this could be a description of the interrelations of postcolonial exploitation. people who try to enter the so called first world - as refugees in order to escape prosecution or simply looking for some luck - are forced into illegality. one of the central political struggles is to combat the hegemony of borders and the regime of migration, to support migrants and refugees, documented or undocumented, in their fights for the right to live, where they like and how they like.

  • what is the idea of Hybrid WorkSpace?

    Hybrid WorkSpace can best be described as a temporary laboratory that produces its own type of content. It also condenses the viewpoints and positions brought to Kassel by the '100 days - 100 guests' program into streams of subjective approaches, represented in digital data. Most importantly, it allows remote participants to access directly the developments and debates in the Orangerie. This includes input from external areas into the physical setting of the Orangerie. The Orangerie will be transformed into an open media studio to collect, select, connect, record, and distribute information and content. It will deal with current social, political and cultural issues. Hybrid WorkSpace will provide possibilities to comment, interview, discuss and present the resulting data objects and will forge connections with material brought in from outside. Distribution beyond the Orangerie will be realised via selected zones on the Internet as well as through print media and radio broadcasting. A subsequent publication will allow the content flow produced throughout the documenta X to be widely accessible.

  • what are the themes [cross the border] will be working on?

    on staurday 28th of june [cross the border] is opened by a meeting of antiracist groups and initiatives from all over germany. the groups are invited to discuss and to decide the proclamation of the campaign "no one is illegal". the activists are expected to come from the autonomous left as well as the church asylum movement, from refugee councils and the self-organisations of migrants.

    on sunday, 29th of june, the results of the meeting the day before are reported to the press. on the afternoon there will be round-table-talks about how to spread the campaign most efficiently. during the ten days of [cross the border] the orangerie serves as a central point of communication, for questions, further suggestions and ideas. these functions will be decentralized again afterwards.

    for the entire week small workshops applying video-, audio- and computer-equipment work on electronic flyers, which should be usuable and insertable in as many diverse ways as possible. these flyers will either relate directly to the campaign "no one is illegal" or they will pick out certain aspects, discuss and comment on them, and furthermore, refer to related issues. the results will be partly stored to be rewritten, documented and titled later on, or will be exposed and broadcasted immediately in the orangerie, or spread via internet or a local radio station.

    the employed material will be preserved in the archives and will be placed to the disposal of all interested groups. visitors to the orangerie or w3-sites can view the raw-material or the results of preceeding works during the ten days. these materials embrace video- and audio-installations, lectures and public debates. a detailled timetable will be issued before the 28th of june.

    in the days after the 28th of june there is the first anniversary of the occupation of the church saint bernard by the so called "sans-papier". several hundred migrants who had already fought against their impending expulsion since months, occupied the church after preceeding negotiations with the government had failed at last. the occupation of saint bernard and the great supporters movement, which came into existence throughout the summer gave birth to a totally new dimension of reluctance against federal racism and the ruling european migration systems. this resistance is still lasting till today in the appearance of spectacular action against the tightning up of the french residence law. the sans-papiers do not demand less than papers for all and equal rights for all - no matter if one has a job or not or where she or he comes from.

    via internet and live conferences [cross the border] will be constantly in contact with action in paris and other french cities, culminating on the planned net-casting of a gathering in paris on july 5th.

    further goals of our work at the orangerie in kassel will be to come into contact with activists from all over europe, and, if these contacts already do exist, to improve them. the building up of an efficiently working european and international network seems to be more necessary than ever. at least since the assimilation and harmonization of immigrant policies, asylum statutes and the ongoing expulsions and detention practises, and also because of the export to neighboured countries, which most migrants and refugees have to pass through on their way to western-europe.

  • who is organizing [cross the border]?

    n.s.i.a.m.p. is a small group of activists, artists, filmmakers, fotographers from germany and abroad. [cross the border] is organized in close cooperation with antiracist groups from all over germany, as well as other european countries.

  • how to contact [cross the border]?

    before june 28th und after july 7th:

    e-mail: grenze@ibu.de
    phone: -49/89/74791267
    fax: -49/89/74791277
    dreimuehlenstr. 29
    80647 muenchen p june 28th till july 7th:

    An der Karlsaue 20c
    34117 Kassel
    phone:0561 - 108 88 90
    fax: 0561 - 108 88 91
    WWW: http://www.documenta.de/workspace
    e-mail: workspace@documenta.de