March 27th can be turned into a large European rally to demand a radical change of the migration policy within the European Union countries.

March 27th recalls that, after three years, the 'sans papier' movement in France has both given political visibility to every person who is excluded because of racist legislation, and encouraged the creation of a solidarity network committed to back the 'sans papiers'.

March 27th as the will of continuing the European development of struggles aiming at closing down detention centres for immigrants, obtaining the regularization of all the undocumented, their freedom of travelling and have a residence, the return of the deported, and an end to the double-charge (European demonstrations on October 24, 1998, and January 23, 1999).

March 27th , an echo to the struggle-day against exclusion that Zapatistas have launched. It means the arising of all those who oppose neo-liberalism to demand the construction of a Europe where man's rights, solidarity, coopertion, social justice and the respect of the enviroment aren't empty words any longer but daily and concrete practices.

March 27th to say aloud that we are not going to delegate political experts to make social choices any longer. And that our demands will have to find expression in the coming European elections.

We will join the European demonstration in Paris on March 27, and we invite all individuals, associations, networks of struggle who share such claims to take part in it.

With regard to us, "MOVIMENTO DELLE TUTE BIANCHE, GLI INVISIBILI", we have decided to give a specific contribution to the event. At the train station of many an Italian town, we will 'occupy' different trains to get free to Ventimiglia, the last Italian station before the border with France, where we are going to refuse producing our identity cards, and from where we are going to Paris.

Two points of departure are particularly pregnant to illustrate the struggle against the Shengen agreements :

In this way we mean to claim once more the necessity to re-define citizenship's rights, particularly with regard to freedom of travelling and having an income.

"A TRAIN IN FREE CIRCULATION" from Ventimiglia to Paris leaves at 8.oo pm on Friday, March 26.

By then, some Euro-parliament members will have been contacted. They will meet the Albanian delegation and other associations and groups, and will be demanded to commit themselves to open a debate in Parliament over a radical change of the Shengen agreements.

We are going to do our best so that this initiative is participated by a large number of organizations, associations, groups, opposing the Shengen system, ie neo-liberalism and exclusion, and claiming new citizenship's rights.

Movimento delle tute bianche - Gli invisibili, Associazione Ya Basta, Centri Sociali della Carta di Milano
February 10, 99

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