The "paperless" people
from Pajol and St-Bernard
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ON MONDAY MARCH 18TH 1996, in the early morning, three hundred Africans, whom a hundred of children, they occupy St Ambroise (Paris 11th), in order to claim for regularization of their papers. They are evacuees by police forces on March 22nd. After a roaming that drives them to Jappy gymnasium where from they are also ejected; the paperless Africans are welcome to the "Cartoucherie de Vincennes" Theater. Ariane Mnouchkine (Theater manager) constitue an intermediaries college, concerning 26 French eminent personalities. The Africans take place in SNCF warehouse (Rail road French Cie), located rue Pajol (Paris 18th). A long waiting is starting. Governement has promessed to intermediaries that claims for regularization will be examinate with "benevolence". On Wednesday June 26th 1996, the Governement answer is published. Among 205 folders examinate by administration; the Governement just handles 22 and give them a stay license valuable for a year. Other claimers have only a month to leave French territorry. More than ever decided and willing to defend their dignity, "paperless Africans from rue Pajol" take place, in their largest part, into St Bernard-de-la-Chapelle Church, closely located from their former place.