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Subject: [ZPAJOL] grève de la faim des demandeurs d'asile en prison en Grande Bretagne

>Je viens de recevoir l'appel suivant des demandeurs d'asile en prison en
Grande Bretagne qui ont entamé une grève de la faim. Ils demandent des
messages de soutien. Essayons de bâtir un mouvement solidarité
international. Pour commencez, envoyez vos messages de soutien, ceux de
vos syndicats, assocs, groupes etc. A propos qui pourrait trauduire en
francais ce texte ? C'est urgent !!!

>VOICE 0121-554-6947 FAX 0121-507-1567
>E-MAIL johno@ncadc.demon.co.uk
>A mass hunger strike by Asylum Seekers in Rochester Prison England began
>on Monday 6 January, in protest against their internment without trial.
>Since last Monday (6th January) asylum seekers detained at HMP Rochester
>have been on hunger strike . Below we reprint the detainee's .Statement in
>full. We are asking everyone to support their demands and to protest in
>what ever way they can, at the end of the statement there are the address
>and fax numbers of those responsible for the detaining of Asylum Seekers.
>"A decision from both Delta and Echo wings involving more than 200
>detainees, who are in fact political Asylum seekers imprisoned in HM
>Prison Rochester, Kent has voted in favour of a Mass hunger strike which
>will commence on 6 January 1997. Several broadcasting organisations and
>newspaper companies have received detailed accounts of the action and have
>expressed a wish to publicise this unfortunate but necessary action.
>Additionally, community organisations, having previously been informed of
>our pending action, have expressed their determination to follow through
>with their own lawful protest in support of our action from 4th January
>We have clearly noted al l previous unsuccessful attempts to resolve our
>unlawful imprisonment without trial, hearing or process; which should
>allow us the right to a fair and prompt hearing. Instead the prison
>authorities hide behind the excuse that they answer to immigration
>authorities who in turn use the judicial process as their reason for our
>continued unlawful imprisonment. We in turn remain imprisoned under the
>prison regime answering to prison discipline and orders without having
>committed crimes, and answering to a system in which we have no voice.
>Many of us have al ready served 2 years or more. We are detained with out
>charge or time limit. We make this serious and urgent plea to be heard in
>full by an independent body and judicial committee which must be
>independent from the if immigration and other detaining authorities. Our
>action will continue until such time as the above request is in motion.
>Numerous suicide attempts, hunger strikes and official complaints by
>individuals have gone unheard. The response of the prison authorities and
>immigration is the forceful removal of the individual to the segregation
>unit, placed under prison regulations without a hearing or trial pending
>removal to another prison. In some extreme cases individuals are removed
>to a hospital without their consent so as to shift the prison's
>responsibility for action.
>Approximately 45% of detainees have been diagnosed as having mental or
>physical disorders and traumas following psychological and mental torture,
>being poorly fed, and from deplorable sanitation. They are not given
>adequate medical or alternative help but instead, because of their
>condition and consequent behaviour, are segregated as trouble makers and
>We are therefore left with no option but to go on a mass hunger strike
>Send letters of support to Meadway Detainees Support Group
>c/o CRE 16 New Road Avenue
>Kent ME4 6BA
>Send letters of protest to demanding that the Hunger Strikers demands are
>met. To
>Michael Howard Secretary for State
>Home Office
>Queens Anne Gate
>London SW1H 9AT
>You can also fax protests to
>Michael Howard Fax 0171-273-4602
>Misters reponsible for prisons
>Anne Widecombe Fax 0171-273-4608
>Timothy Kirkhope Fax 0171-273-4604
>If possible please post, fax or E-mail copies of anything you send to
>address at top of page

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