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Je vous forwarde un message recu de Hollande,
et adresse a pajol@bok.net
Il concerne le sort fait en Europe aux "migrants and refugees"...

Marc Chemillier
UNITED for Intercultural Action
European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of
migrants and refugees

PB 413, NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
phone +31-20-6834778, fax +31-20-6834582
email united@antenna.nl, http://www.xs4all.nl/~united

JUNE 12-13 1997

S P E A K O U T A G A I N S T R A C I S M !

Largest NGO meeting in the European Year Against Racism

By assembling 300 delegates this UNITED Conference will be a highlight in
the European Year Against Racism. Important speakers from the anti-racist
movement and politics will address the largest meeting of NGOs during this
year. A wide range of crucial topics will be covered, notably Fortress
Europe, the realities of daily racism and institutional racism. Together
with policy makers and experts from the anti-racist movement we will not
only discuss the problems, but also strategies for successful anti-racist
struggle. Be there!

European Summit in Amsterdam

The conference coincides with the European Summit in Amsterdam (June 16-17)
and the planned closing of the Inter-Governmental Conference (IGC). The
heads of states will meet in the Dutch Bank, in the FORTRESS which protects
the dutch gold reserves. Our con-ference place is not far away. The
organisers of the Alternative Sum-mit "Towards a Different Europe" are
preparing an international de-monstration on June 14.

UNITED for Intercultural Action is with 443 organisations from 43 European
countries the biggest European network against nationalism, racism, fascism
and in support of migrants and refugees.

This conference isorganised in cooperation with "Buntstift e.V. Föderation
der grün-nahen Landesstiftungen und Bildungswerke" and supported by the
European Commission


Thursday 12/6 14.30-18.00

chair: Margot Salomon (UNITED / NICHR)
co-chair: Klemens Diemling (Helping Hands - Austria)


Economic justice and migration
Zaya Yeebo (The African - London)
(reasons for leaving home country...)

Securing the Fortress
Claudia Roth (MEP - President Green Group - Committee on Civil Liberties
and Internal Affairs)
(Schengen, Europol, detention...)



Initiatives for refugees' rights in the European Parliament
Angela Sierra (MEP - Gauche Unitaire Europénne / Nordic Green Left - GUE/NGL)
(minimum demands for asylum procedures...)

Anti-deportation actions and networks
Madjiguène Cissé (Sans-papiers - Paris) and
Muhammad Idrish (National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns - Birmingham)


Thursday 12/6 20.00-24.00


Intercultural Evening
Nederland Bekent Kleur
(information exchange, social program...)

Friday 13/6 9.30-13.00

chair: Mellouki Cadat (Nederland Bekent Kleur)
co-chair: Klemens Diemling (Helping Hands - Austria)

Racism in everyday life
Philomena Essed (Univ. of Amsterdam - InDRA)

On the streets:
racist violence - police violence
Sujata Aurora (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism CARF - London)



Community self-defence
Hossein Zahir (Newham Monitoring Project NMP - London)
(emergency phone lines, legal support...)

Police in a multi-ethnic society
Nel Kellerman (Project Social Integration - Amsterdam Police)
(recruitment, anti-racist training...)



Friday 13/6 14.30-18.00

chair: Wolf Ludwig (Forum gegen Rassismus - CH)
co-chair: Klemens Diemling (Helping Hands - Austria)

Apartheid in the social sector and in politics
Rudko Kawczynski (Roma National Congress)
(citizenship, employment, housing...)

Political hypocrisy or
How to produce scapegoats
Michael Bouteiller (Lord Mayor Lübeck - Germany)



European Year Against Racism -
A way to combat racism?
Debate between:
Hedy d'Ancona (MEP PSE - Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs)
Simon Rahamin (Searchlight - London)
N.N. Commission of the EU




Program: There will be 6 conference blocks. Each block will
consist of 2 expert input of 20 minutes each and followed by
50 minutes of discussion.

Language: English

Conference place is Amsterdam.
The address will be sent to you after registration.

Participation fee: Thanks to our sponsors we do not have to charge a
participation fee. But accommodation and travel costs unfortunately cannot
be reimbursed.

Accommodation cannot be offered by UNITED. We will provide you with a list
of cheap hotels and camping sites. Amsterdam will be full at that time. If
you have friends or contacts in Amsterdam, we strongly recommend to make
use of their private accommodation!

Nominations: We have reserved a conference place for 300 delegates of
anti-racist and human rights organisations from inside and outside the
UNITED network, as well as journalists from all media. NGOs may nominate up
to 2 delegates. Additional nominations will go on a waiting list.
Participation without prior nomination through the UNITED office is not
possible! Please send a short letter to UNITED with the name(s) of your

More detailed information will be sent after your nomination, such as
conference place and proposals for accommodation.

UNITED for Intercultural Action
European network against nationalism, racism, fascism
and in support of migrants and refugees
Postbus 413
NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
phone +31-20-6834778, fax +31-20-6834582
e-mail united@antenna.nl

Les Africains sans-papiers de St Ambroise.
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