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Subject: [ZPAJOL] One Reason Behind the Diminishing Asylum Requests in the EU Member States

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>Subject: One Reason Behind the Diminishing Asylum Requests in the EU
>Member States
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>Note for Immigration Attorneys and the Record
>>From the recently released US State Dept 1996 Country Reports, it appears
>that there is a sudden greatly reduced amount of asylum applications in EU
>States. Immigration attorneys might be persuaded to believe, in some
>instances, that there may be less applications for asylum due to
>diminishing global persecution and intolerance. Subscribers to this list
>may draw their own conclusions, but I would like to draw your attention to
>the fact that both the Dutch and German Governments, in recent years have
>implemented a policy of conducting full immigration checks onboard
>commercial aircraft, immediately after landing. Aircraft arriving from
>certain destinations in the far east and mid-east are targeted (in my
>experience) and only those who produce proper entry permits to immigration
>officers, who physically board the airplane, are allowed to actually
>disembark. The fate of those without proper permits, even those declared
>transit passengers (usually left onboard) till all other passengers
>disembark is questionable, I can assume they never actually make it into
>the terminal building to ask for asylum but are transported to another
>This note is provided for information only and no replies are required but
>the practice may be occurring elsewhere thus the sudden drop in registered
>asylum applications reported here and elsewhere in the EU in 1996.
>Edward G. Schwienbacher

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