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Peut-etre l'article de ce professeur du Quebec sera interessant pour les
abonnees Zpajol.

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>I was very happy to see the interesting exchange on the decrease of asylum
>claims in Europe, as I think that we still have a collective effort to make
>in order to challenge our governments on this issue.
>I would add that making checks within aircrafts is only one of numerous
>measures which have been taken by Western countries in their coordinated
>action against uncontrolled migration flows. Some measures are taken
>within the territories of asylum countries, but most "effective" are the
>ones taking place in source or transit countries. Asylum seekers and
>refugees are usually not distinguished anymore within the category of what
>a Canadian civil servant calls the "self-selected migrants".
>These "interdiction" strategies prove to be somewhat effective at reducing
>the numbers on the short term. But building an expensive "Western
>Fortress" without treating the development and democracy problems in the
>source countries or regions (see the debate on "root-causes") won't prove,
>in the long term, sufficient at preventing important migration and refugee
>For those of you who read French, I may signal my book on Western
>strategies against asylum seekers, and the references therein : Francois
>Crepeau, "Droit d'asile : De l'hospitalite aux controles migratoires",
>Bruxelles, Bruylant, 1995.
>A short article of mine, entitled "International Cooperation on
>Interdiction of Asylum Seekers - A Global Perspective", makes a point-form
>list of these measures. It should soon be published in a book by the
>Canadian Council for Refugees. But those who are interested may contact me
>and I shall send them a copy in advance.
>Francois Crepeau
>Professeur François Crépeau, directeur
>CEDIM - Centre d'études sur le droit international et la mondialisation
>Département des sciences juridiques
>Université du Québec à Montréal
>CP 8888 Succursale Centre-Ville
>Montréal Québec H3C 3P8 CANADA
>tel : (514) 987-3000 #4709 (boîte vocale)
>tel secrét. : (514) 987-4133
>fax : (514) 987-4784
>e-mail : crepeau.francois@uqam.ca
>e-mail CEDIM : cedim@uqam.ca

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